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Steel Frame Homes

If you have ever experience damage from termite infestation in your home or building, you already know the value of steel frames. Those who dream about living in luxurious, visually appealing, comfortable houses would prefer steel framing over timber any day. When we Individually Design your Steel Homes, you receive the most cost effective and robust foundation to build your dream house on. Our aim is to give you a home that will give you years of comfortable living.

The steel frames that we offer are durable while being light weight. Modern fixing techniques and pre-fabrication of the steel frames, along with the expertise and experience of our team, make it easier for us to complete complex construction jobs in the least possible time.

We Ensure that Your Individually Designed Steel Home has: ‚Äč

Consistency: We ensure that on site or after installation, there is no shrinking and warping of the steel frames that we use. This means that there will be no subsequent damage to the construction under any weather conditions. 

Quality standards: The steel frames that we endorse are completely fire resistant, as well as termite and rodent proof. By keeping such high quality standards and offering up to 50 years warranty on our products, we ensure that the client lives in the house with a certain peace of mind.

Meeting deadlines:  Modern steel frames that we use are designed to be user friendly for the builders. Therefore, we are good with meeting deadlines. We ensure that the client does not have to wait too long to start living in the house of their dreams.

Flexibility:  Individually Designed Steel Homes offers full flexibility of design by using modern steel frames that can be tweaked to suit any kind of structure. Whether it is contemporary, modern or traditional, our steel framing is ideal for any type of housing structure.

Eco-friendly solution: Many of our clients have concerns for the environment. For such clients, we use steel frames that are 100% recyclable.

In fact, builders and architects find it easier to work with our steel frame solutions for a number of reasons.

Why  Some Builders Opt For Steel Frames.

Lightweight steel frames are easier to transport, which means that construction teams find it easier to work with such frames. This in turn helps to eventually increase the overall productivity of the team.

Steel frames endorsed by us are compatible with all other building materials and equipment.

If you want a framing solution that brings you peace of mind and offers value for money, contact us right away.

We, with a completely professional team, are here to help you construct a house that you truly deserve. We quote a price for our services that is highly competitive and can suit almost every type of budget.