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Sloping Blocks

Houses on sloping blocks enjoy multiple advantages over those on constructed on level surfaces. However, not every Builder will be able to cope with the challenges of working a sloping block into an impressive dwelling. In fact, there are many Builders who avoid doing such jobs.

Bale Constructions have extensive experience in mastering difficult sloping block sites and creating impressive homes in a variety of designs. We are able to create Individually Designed Timber & Steelframe Homes that will mirror your personality and requirements.

We not only understand the requirements of the construction in question, but would invite ideas from you during the consultation sessions, which are held FREE of charge. 

Our designers and experienced work force are skilled to find the best and most affordable solutions for construction on a sloping block.

We find building houses on sloping blocks exciting and challenging. 

We in fact, encourage clients to go for houses on sloping block because construction on sloping blocks gives a better view over those on a level site. Sloping blocks require construction on an elevated floor resulting in the house experiencing passive cooling all the time, more storage & a home that will be the envy of the street.

The use of lightweight construction products inlcuding steel on elevated homes has come along way in:

• Reducing time and costs 
• Foundations  don’t have to be as substantial
• You can do suspended type of structures
• It is easier to work with the slope of the ground
• A large range of good looking products now available
• Achieve larger spans
• More flexibility in design
• Mix & match materials for more striking facades
• Allows creation of interesting roof lines

The fibre cement products (Hardies):

• Require little maintenance
• Has a low embodied energy rating
• Higher durability
• Longer paint life (warranty of 15 years)
• Allow for a contemporary style in bushland settings

Our promise is of high quality services provided at affordable rates.

So, if you too want to build your dream house on a sloping block with expert assistance, call us or visit the Display Home.