Queenslander homes represent a style of architecture that was especially popular right from the 840s to now. 

Today, this style of architecture, with its wide sweeping verandahs and open spaces inside the structure, has evolved with the changing times without losing its charm. 

The Queenslanders that we create are advanced and offer several benefits to the homeowner.

We begin by committing to high quality and aesthetic appeal of the Queenslander.

This is how we do it:

  • We offer window hoods with the external windows that reduce the harmful effects of sunlight

  • Queenslanders used to require a lot of maintenance, which also became the major drawback for this style of homes. Our clients, however, do not need to spend too much on maintenance, since we use steel frames, fiber cement cladding and long lasting premium paints, while adhering to superior construction and engineering standards

  • The cladding Linea Board, in fact, is pre-primed in the manufacturing factories, which is why our external painting come with a warranty of up to 15 years

  • Linea board replaces the wooden weatherboard, but at the same time giving the look of the classic weatherboard

  • Linea board is fire as well as termite resistant

  • The availability of products that resemble the VJ boards and combined with steel frames means there is no more cracking and gaps.


The Queenslander style home is a unique stands out from all other homes with its aesthetic appeal. 

At the same time the Queenslander invokes the felling of homeliness, relaxed lifestyle and cool in summer.

Home owners take pride is having a house that stands out among the rest.

Let us take you through how we individually design a steel home for you to create an impressive Queenslander with our free consultation session.

Call us or call into our display home.