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Acreage homes are excellent choices for those want more than just a home. We individually design homes with your participation & using our experience and knowledge. We aim to create the home for your lifestyle that you’ve always desired. Acreage homes, designed by our experienced designers work closely with you to mirror your personality and lifestyle in the acreage homes we create.

Why do People choose to Individually Design Acreage Homes 

• Acreage homes offer an escape from the busy city life. Many people in Australia seek peace and privacy by constructing large acreage landscapes. 

• Acreage homes offer wide scope for designing exteriors as well as interiors. We find creating acreage homes for the clients very challenging and rewarding. 

• Those who want to mirror country life in their homes love the idea of acreage homes. Our dedicated team works closely with you to take advantage of scenic views, landscapes and serene surroundings to enhance the experience of living in such a home. 

• Many Australians enjoy the rural activities, such as rearing animals and growing vegetables. 

• Acreage homes encourage outdoor living with their large open spaces by utilising verandas, gazebos, ornate gables, open plan kitchens to name a few, to capture the essence of country living in an acreage landscape.

Apart from offering a number of different yet major advantages, acreage landscapes provide exciting features that elevate the value of a dwelling.

The design, building material and expertise of our work force building your Individually Designed Home also determines how healthy, comfortable and visually impressive an acreage dwelling can be.

We take the time to understand your needs and tastes and invite ideas and suggestions during the consultation sessions that we offer completely FREE of charge.

Our designers help each client choose the right features for their acreage homes. Our aim is to offer you a lifestyle you truly deserve at a price you can afford.

So, if you want to create an acreage dwelling that offers all this and more, call us or see us at our display homes